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    <br>1 Andre Walker Hair Typing System
    <br>2 Sort 1: 女性 薄毛 育毛剤 Straight Hair
    <br>three Sort 2: Wavy Hair
    <br>four Kind 3: Curly Hair
    <br>5 Sort 4: Kinky Hair
    <br>6 What’s Missing? Now, Let’s Talk about Hair Sort 3C, Type 4C and 4D
    <br>7 LOIS Hair Typing System (typically spelled as L.O.I.S Hair Typing System)
    <br>eight Hair Patterns
    <br>9 Hair Strand Sizes
    <br>10 Hair Textures
    <br>eleven How to find Your LOIS Hair Type
    <br>12 The NaturallyCurly Hair Typing System
    <br>thirteen Sort 2: Wavy Hair
    <br>14 Type 3: Curly Hair
    <br>15 Kind 4: Coily Hair
    <br>sixteen Fia’s Hair Typing System16.1 Related Articles
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