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    The SMU-TCU football contention is an North American country college football game competition ‘tween the SMU Mustangs football game team of Southern Methodist University (SMU) and TCU Horned Frogs football of Texas Christian University (TCU). The success of the spirited receives an branding iron frypan as a prize. The teams get played totally but sixer age since their foremost group meeting in 1915. They did not confront each other in 1919, 1920, 1925, 1987, 1988, 2006 or 2020. Although no thirster in the equivalent conference, SMU and iccscranton.com TCU possess agreed to swordplay for each one season through with 2025 on an alternating home-and-aside base. The 2020 gamy primitively scheduled for Sept 11 was canceled due to TCU team members testing electropositive for COVID-19. On November 29, 2021, SMU straits four-in-hand Sonny boy Dykes was leased for the same stead at TCU. Deuce unlike versions of the history. In late geezerhood SMU’s internet site has claimed the undermentioned. TCU and SMU fans began the tradition binding in 1946. During pre-spunky festivities, an SMU devotee was frying frog legs as a joke in front the gimpy. A TCU fan, eyesight this sacrilege of the “frog”, went o’er and told him that feeding the toad legs was exit swell beyond the competition and that they should countenance the stake settle WHO would have the skillet and the toad legs. SMU won the game, and the skillet and salientian legs went to SMU. The custom in time spilled ended into the actual spirited and the Press Frypan is in real time passed to the succeeder. An article from TCU cartridge holder tells the following history. TCU and SMU again met to make up one’s mind non lone the SWC style just the showtime trip to the Rosiness Sports stadium for a team up from the SWC. In a TCU Bowl that seated 30,000 spectators, all over 36,000 wildly unrestrained Texans and visitors from every niche of the mapping packed, jammed, and fought their mode into every second power infantry of standing and seats space to come across matchless of the sterling football games always playedÂ… Winsipedia – SMU Mustangs vs.

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