6 Easy Ways To Win More Clients for Your Coding Business 

Attracting more clients to your coding business is always a top priority whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur. Though, sometimes it can be a little challenging to win over clients. Especially without solid strategies in place. Read on to learn how you can easily attract more clients.  

6 Easy Strategies to Bring In More Clients 

You may have already learned that writing code is actually easier than getting clients. Having good strategies in place ensures you and your team have a game plan to achieve your goal. Keep in mind that these strategies don’t have to be complex to be effective. 

1. Look to the past 

If you’ve worked with other businesses earlier in your coding career, reach out to them. They could be previous employers or former clients from old projects. 

You can offer more services with the skills you’ve acquired since you’ve last worked with them. You also have an estimate on how much you can charge considering your previous rates with them and adjust accordingly. 

Since you already have an existing relationship with them, they are more likely to respond to you reaching out. Hiring you would also be great for them since they already trust you and you’re probably already familiar with how they run things.

2. Get specific with your niche

Decide on whether you want to work with a specific industry or if you want to focus on a specific set of services. Being more specified allows you to gain more expertise in that specific industry or service, making you a more credible choice for potential clients.

Niching down also helps you identify your ideal clients. Being able to do so allows you to focus your resources on targeting those specific people. This makes it possible to convert more of them into clients effectively. 

3. Referrals 

If you have already worked with a few clients, ask for a referral. More often than not, your clients know a few people that they think could use your services too.

Referrals are great because, again, there’s already a level of trust. After all, you’re not just some random person. The potential client likely needs your services, hence the referral. You already have one foot in the door.

Asking for referrals is usually most effective immediately after you’ve completed a project with them. You still have open lines of communication with them. But don’t be afraid to reach out to your past clients if it’s been a while. 

Be sure to ask for customer feedback as well. Happy clients almost always put in a good word for you when making referrals.

4. Reach out to small local businesses 

Nowadays, a lot of small businesses have websites or are looking to build a website. 

Look at the small businesses in your area. Do your research to best offer them customer success. If they have a website up, how can it be improved? If they don’t have a website up, what do you suggest?

Reach out to them and present your services. You can do it by e-mail but you can also pitch your ideas face-to-face. 

The in-person interaction makes you more approachable. It also makes them less apprehensive of your proposals, seeing your enthusiasm about your vision for their business. 

Never underestimate the power of having that human element in your approach. Especially with small businesses. 

5. Facebook groups 

There is pretty much a Facebook group for just about anything. This includes people looking for coding services. 

Join existing Facebook groups where you would find your target clients. Be an active member by engaging with people and offering educational or valuable insights. 

Some Facebook groups even allow their members to either publish posts offering their services or posts looking for specific coding services. You can introduce yourself and the skills you offer, including any links to past works or your website. You can also reach out to those people looking to hire someone for a project or two.

If you find that there isn’t a Facebook group for your target clients, create one! You building that community can bring an extra level of credibility to your business. It can also create great leads and lasting relationships with clients. 

6. Network 

In a similar vein, look for relevant communities on other platforms like Reddit and LinkedIn. And don’t just go promoting your business all the time, you’ll sound spammy. Go and develop genuine connections. 

Interact with fellow coding entrepreneurs. Offer some nuggets of wisdom to coding enthusiasts. Attend online events and join contests and challenges. 

You may not yield results immediately, but nurturing authentic relations with people in your chosen communities is truly helpful. People are more likely to give you leads, offer tips, and point you in the right direction if they feel comfortable with you.

A Few Extra Tips to Win Clients for Your Coding Business

Have your portfolio ready at all times

Being prepared to showcase your work at any time is just good practice. You’ll never know who you meet or when an opportunity presents itself. A well-crafted portfolio will also give you an added level of professionalism.

Make sure your portfolio is updated. It should present the type of work you currently do and the project you want to take up in the future. 

You should also optimize your portfolio to effectively showcase your best works. These works should reflect the quality output you offer your clients. 

Love your existing clients

Talk to your clients and ask for feedback. Openly communicate with them before, during, and after your projects. Develop good relationships with your clients.

Happy clients could become returning clients. If they are happy with your services and your output, they are more likely to reach out for any future projects. They may even help you out finding more clients. Building that trust will get you so far.

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